Gangneung is a fun coastal city with plenty to do, but you can also enjoy several road trips to the greater Gangwon-do region for even more adventures. You can take in stunning views of the natural surrounding areas or go even further to islands with an atmosphere all their own.

    With so much to do and see in the Gangwon-do region, adding a road trip to your Gangneung holiday can add variety and adventure you'll never forget. Check out some of the best road trips near Gangneung, and discover everything they can offer for an unforgettable holiday experience.


    Nami Island (남이섬)

    Embrace natural splendour

    • Couples
    • Families
    • Adventure

    Nami Island (남이섬) is a serene island where you'll find various natural features to explore, including woodlands, riverside walks and lanes of trees. The island is notably small, yet it's packed full of exciting things to do and natural wonders to see.

    You'll find fun on this island no matter what season of the year you visit. The blooming flowers of spring can be a sight to behold, but summer blankets the island in lush greenery. Autumn offers warm colours to the surrounding nature, while winter turns the island into a snowy wonderland. You can get to it on the other side of Gangwon-Do near the border.

    Location: 1 Namisum-gil, Namsan-myeon, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do, South Korea

    Open: Daily from 8 am to 9 pm

    Phone: +82 31-580-8114


    Heonhwa-ro (헌화로)

    Take a scenic drive

    • Couples
    • Families

    Heonhwa-ro lets you enjoy not only the destination of your road trip but also the drive itself with breathtaking coastal views. This road is the closest to the ocean in all of Korea. Driving with the windows down will let you smell the sea air.

    Since this road is located on the eastern coast, it's one of the best ways to see the sunrise. If you're willing to set out early, driving along this road can offer breathtaking views of the warm colours washing over the coast, with the sounds of gentle waves joining the alluring aesthetic. Experience it for yourself, starting just a few miles south of the city.

    Location: South Korea


    Odaesan National Park

    Venture to a mountain

    • Adventure

    Odaesan National Park is a protected nature area in the eastern part of the region with a towering mountain peak perfect for hiking. The mountain reaches heights of 1,563 metres, though you'll find plenty of views and satisfying hikes that don't take you quite so high.

    In addition to the mountain, this park is home to one of the largest natural forests in Korea, with quite a few animals and plants calling the area home. Several hiking trails are available, with some taking just a few hours and others lasting virtually all day long. You'll find it all around 20 miles or so west of the city.

    Location: 2 Odaesan-ro, Jinbu-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do, South Korea

    Phone: +82 33-332-6417


    Seoraksan National Park

    Immerse yourself in nature

    • Families
    • Adventure

    Seoraksan National Park is a thriving nature area where you'll find a wide variety of different animals along with imposing geological peaks. There are 30 total peaks in the park, with some jutting up from the earth looking like spikes from a distance.

    One of the more prominent aspects of this park is the animal species. Over 2,000 species call this park home, including the musk deer and the Korea goral. Plant species are widespread, with more than 1,400 rare plant species like the Edelweiss available to see. You can get there with a modest road trip north of the city.

    Location: Gangwon-do, Sokcho-si, Seoraksan-ro, 833 KR, South Korea

    Open: Daily from 9 am to 6 pm

    Phone: +82 33-801-0900


    Goseong Unification Observatory Tower (고성통일전망타워)

    Enjoy a breathtaking viewpoint

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    • Families

    Goseong Unification Observatory Tower is a massive tower you can travel to that lets you see a variety of monuments and sights from its vantage point. The tower itself dates back to the early 1980s, and it's set relatively close to the North Korean border.

    When you visit this tower, you'll be able to take in sights from every direction, and it's one of the best places in the country to see Geumgangsan Mountain, located in North Korea. The observatory also lets you glimpse the Haegeumgang River and nearby islands. You can get to the tower after a trip far to the north along the coast.

    Location: 481 Geumgangsan-ro, Hyeonnae-myeon, Goseong-gun, Gangwon-do, South Korea

    Open: Daily from 9 am to 4.30 pm

    Phone: +82 33-682-0088


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