Mykonos is one of Greece’s most popular tourist destinations thanks to its stunning scenery, great weather, and crystal-clear waters. This Greek island has much to offer in the way of sightseeing, but it’s best known for its vibrant and hedonistic nightlife scene, which is on par with the top party destinations along the Mediterranean coast.

    As well as the iconic whitewashed little Greek villages dotted across the island, you’ll find the nightlife on Mykonos offers up everything from confetti-dropping, mega-club experiences to intimate live music bars, most of them within a short distance of the island’s main hub of Mykonos Town. From the bustle of bar-hopping around the streets of the town’s Little Venice area to epic beachside dance venues, you’ll find it all on our list of the best things to do in Mykonos at night.


    at54 Club

    Keep it old-school as you take in the stunning sunset

    • Nightlife
    • Luxury

    at54 Club is an unusual feature of the Mykonos’ club scene. During the day, the venue operates as a gym that then transforms into a bar and dance club in the evening. If old-school is your thing, you’ll find plenty of disco and house tunes to dance the night away to – all beneath a galaxy of glittering disco balls.

    If you prefer a quieter spot to enjoy a drink and take in the beauty of the impressive local sunset, grab a drink on the terrace overlooking the nearby port. This club is conveniently located in the village near Taxi Square and, although it’s very popular with the gay crowd, it's welcoming to all tribes of party-seekers.

    Location: Manto Square, Mykonos Town, Mykonos 84600, Greece

    Phone: +30 2289 028543


    Paradise Club

    Let loose at this late-night hotspot

    • Nightlife

    Paradise Club is a renowned staple of the Mykonos nightlife circuit. A relatively chilled spot earlier in the day, this place really kicks off after midnight. It’s a mega club with a private beach to call its own and attracts the cream of the crop of the international DJ set. With appearances in recent years by talent such as Nervo, Tiesto, and Marlo, this place is on the European itinerary of many a serious and casual clubber alike.

    Located on Paradise Beach in the Paradise Beach Resort, the club opens from April to October each year with plenty of accommodation options available onsite. If you prefer to stay in town, taxis and public buses are easy to arrange here. Entry is free, but you can pay to reserve a table or to book a VIP booth.

    Location: Paradise Beach Club, Kalamopodi, Mykonos 84600, Greece

    Open: April–October

    Phone: +30 697 301 6311


    Cavo Paradiso

    Have a mega night at this mega club

    • Nightlife

    Cavo Paradiso makes the most of its dramatic location perched on a cliff overlooking the sea with a huge open-air dance floor. This large venue is built to accommodate up to 3,000 party-goers and things don’t usually get into full swing until 1am onwards, as clubbers make their way up the hill from the town.

    Not surprisingly for a club this size, the venue attracts a host of well-known international artists such as Ingrosso, Oliver Heldens, and Nicky Romero and entrance fees vary in accordance to the calibre and renown of the night’s DJ. Usually, the entrance fee will include a drink at the bar. During peak season, it’s best to book a table in advance as things can get busy – although you’ll need to drop some serious cash for this pleasure. The party runs through to early morning and don’t be surprised to find yourself enjoying a Mediterranean sunrise from this cliff-top viewpoint.

    Location: Paradise Beach, Mykonos 84600, Greece

    Open: May–September: daily from 11.30 pm to 7 am (reduced hours in the winter)

    Phone: +30 2289 027205


    photo by John Karakatsanis (CC BY-SA 2.0) modified


    Semeli the Bar

    A Mykonian institution in the heart of Little Venice

    • Photo
    • Nightlife
    • Luxury

    Semeli the Bar has become something of a Mykonian institution as an all-day, all-night bar and bistro. With views out over the blue waters of the Aegean, it’s a favourite spot to catch a sunset – private tables can be booked to secure the best vistas.

    Located in the Little Venice area of town, a visit here will see you well situated to enjoy the vast array of nightlife options available nearby. Semeli the Bar itself is a pretty chic joint spread over several stylishly decorated levels, though overall it's a little on the smaller size when compared to some of the nearby venues. That said, there’s an open-air terrace to enjoy the sunset and sea views from, as well as indoor lounges complete with dance floors.

    Location: Xenias, Mykonos 84600, Greece

    Open: 24 hours

    Phone: +30 2289 026505



    Indulge in a little culture where past meets present

    • Nightlife

    Scorpios is a Mykonos venue with a split personality. By day a seafood restaurant and a great spot to lounge with a cocktail on the beach, at night the place transforms into a decadent events venue hosting DJs and live music, depending on the night. This spot bills itself as a ‘reimagining’ of the agora of Ancient Greece – that is, a gathering place for the spiritual, artistic, and social life of the community. This is reflected in the wide variety of events hosted throughout the year, including yoga, meditation, and music events.

    Located on a peninsula on the southern tip of Mykonos Island, Scorpios is flanked by the 2 beaches of Kavos and Paraga. It’s just 5 km from Mykonos Town itself and is easily reached by public transport that runs every 30 minutes between Mykonos and Paraga.

    Location: Paraga, Mykonos 84600, Greece

    Phone: +30 2289 029250


    Skandinavian Bar

    Pick from 4 venues in 1

    • Nightlife

    The Skandinavian Bar is actually 3 bars and a club. It’s an extremely popular spot on the island and has been since it first opened in 1978. This often-crowded venue attracts a predominantly younger crowd. It’s known for its reasonably priced cocktails, many with fun and suggestive names, along with all the classic cocktails you’d expect to find.

    Located right in the centre of Mykonos Town, the venue is spread over 2 levels. The nightclub is upstairs, with 2 bars downstairs that also serve food, making this a good spot to start your night out. There’s also an outdoor terrace to take in the street views while enjoying a few drinks.

    Location: Georgouli, Mykonos 84600, Greece

    Phone: +30 2289 022669


    180° Sunset Bar

    Climb the hill to savour a spectacular sunset

    • Couples
    • Photo
    • Nightlife

    The 180° Sunset Bar is the perfect spot to chill and enjoy a few sundowner cocktails. This place has a relaxed ambience accompanied by music from either a DJ or live musicians. Though an entrance fee is charged, it can be applied to your drinks or food bill. The menu here is not extensive, consisting of mostly snack items to munch on while you enjoy a drink and the view. There are cushions strewn on the floor to lounge on while you take in the sunset and sip a drink. However, if you want to sit at a table, you’ll be expected to spend a minimum of €50.

    The bar is a 15-minute walk up a steep hill from Mykonos Town, past the iconic Boni’s Windmill. On the plus side, the downhill journey is a breeze and a pleasant way to get your second wind if you're heading into town to party.

    Location: Epar.Od. Mikonou, Mykonos 84600, Greece

    Open: Daily from 6 pm to 10 pm

    Phone: +30 699 360 1424


    Super Paradise Beach Club

    Relish the party vibes at this happening beach club

    • Nightlife

    Super Paradise is a hotel and beach club that’s gay-friendly and heavy on the party vibe. A mellow spot for some sun lounging during the day, typically the party atmosphere kicks off in the afternoon and runs to late. There’s a restaurant on site to keep revellers well-fuelled, as well as a pool that serves as a focal point for the festivities. This spot usually winds down relatively early in the night as fun-seekers disperse to the area’s late-night party spots.

    Located just 6 km to the southeast of Mykonos Town, public transport runs from Fabrika and the Old Port out to Super Paradise and back every half an hour throughout the day. These buses finish around 9pm, so you’ll need to arrange your own taxi if you're going to leave later than that.

    Location: Super Paradise Beach, Mykonos 84600, Greece

    Phone: +30 698 591 9002


    Queen of Mykonos

    Experience a rare combination of cosy and luxurious

    • Couples
    • Nightlife
    • Luxury

    Queen of Mykonos is a champagne and cocktail bar that manages to pull off cosy and glamorous at the same time. The surroundings are definitely luxurious and the prices reflect this, as things are a little on the pricier side here. While the interior is opulent (if compact), there’s also a comfortable outdoor terrace where you can mingle and people-watch while enjoying the views over the nearby street.

    Queen of Mykonos is located right in the heart of Mykonos Town, making it a convenient spot for drinks after a day’s sightseeing. There are lots of nearby accommodation options too, as well as boutiques and restaurants. The bar features live music and DJs on a nightly basis.

    Location: Greece, Enoplon Dinameon, Mykonos 84600, Greece

    Open: Monday–Saturday from 8 pm to 5 am, Sundays 8 pm to 12 am

    Phone: +30 694 661 8539


    Tropicana Beach Bar and Restaurant

    Let the chill of the day roll seamlessly into the chaos of the night

    • Nightlife

    Tropicana Beach Bar has something of a split personality. A relaxing spot to chill out on the beach earlier in the day, it transforms into a full-blown club from the late afternoon onwards when DJs take to the decks.

    Located on the famous Paradise Beach, you can enjoy a beach day with a swim in the crystal-clear Aegean and a lounge on a sunbed before the evening’s revelry kicks off. At around 4.30pm each day, the real partying gets going, with things getting raucous right through to the wee hours. There’s a restaurant on site to keep you fuelled and there are plenty of accommodation options available too, should you suffer from a fear of missing out and be reluctant to leave.

    Location: Paradise Beach, Kalamopodi, Mykonos 84600, Greece

    Open: April–October

    Phone: +30 2289 023582

    Shane Mac Donnchaidh | Contributing Writer

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