Porec is a popular coastal resort destination, situated in a beautiful spot on the Istrian Peninsula of Western Croatia. There's plenty to do in and around the town itself, including a family-friendly waterpark and some intriguing historical sites. Even so, you can find a lot of great island excursions nearby too.

    The surrounding waters of Porec are filled with islands, both great and small, offering gorgeous scenery and beautiful beaches for families, couples, and groups of friends. Read on to learn all about the best islands you can visit from Porec and what you can do while visiting each one.


    Sveti Nikola

    The closest island to Porec

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    Sveti Nikola is the closest island to the city of Porec, so it's the most convenient and accessible destination for anyone looking for some island fun. It's located some 500 metres south of the peninsula, and all through the tourist season, from May to October, little passenger boats will take you there from the Marsala Tita wharf.

    Once you get to Sveti Nikola, you'll find some gorgeous pebble beaches, perfect for walking along and enjoying the views. The beaches here are often a little more secluded and intimate than those on the mainland, so it's a good spot to visit when searching for privacy, and there are some lovely forest hiking trails to enjoy as well.

    Location: Otok Sveti Nikola, Croatia


    Veliki Brijun

    The perfect island for wildlife lovers

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    Veliki Brijun deserves at least a day of your time while visiting Porec. You'll need to head around 45 minutes south along the coast to reach this island, but it's well worth the excursion. The biggest member of the Brijuni Islands, Veliki Brijun is part of the Brijuni National Park and is actually home to a safari park, including antelopes, zebras, elephants, and llamas too.

    You can actually take a 1-hour train ride around the safari park once you arrive at Veliki Brijun, seeing many of the animals up close and personal and having plenty of magical photo opportunities along the way too. Later on, you can explore the rest of the island, visiting other interesting sites like the ruins of St. Mary’s basilica.

    Location: Veliki Brijun, Croatia



    The biggest Croatian island

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    Krk is the biggest island in all of Croatia, situated just south of the stunning port city of Rijeka. It's actually the largest island in the entire Adriatic Sea, boasting a huge coastline and lots of different beaches to explore. It's also highly accessible, with a mile-long bridge connecting Krk to the mainland.

    Part of Krk's appeal is its diversity. You can visit the many beaches dotted around the coast, or you can head into the little towns and villages too, many of which boast lively bars and clubs for nightlife lovers and top tier restaurants for foodies. There are even various hotels and private rentals on Krk if you want to spend a few nights there.

    Location: Krk, Croatia



    A hidden gem

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    Cres is situated right beside Krk, but while Krk gets the high visitor numbers, many people tend to overlook Cres. This makes it something of a hidden gem, beloved by locals and in-the-know travellers too. It's easy to reach via boat from local islands or the mainland, and it's part of the surrounding Cres-Losinj.

    In fact, you can simply drive over a bridge from Cres to Losinj, getting twice as much island fun. The main attraction of Cres is Cres Town, which is almost Italian in nature with its colourful homes and charming cobblestone alleys. The historic town walls and Venetian Tower are must-see sites, while the Church of St Mary is equally beautiful.

    Location: Cres, Croatia


    Mali Losinj

    A wine-lover's paradise

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    Mali Losinj is a stunning island near Porec that's right beside Cres and the 2 islands are connected by a bridge. There are some beautiful 19th-century homes all along the coast of this island town, with green hills and expansive natural spaces in the surrounding area to explore and escape into.

    A prime spot for couples in search of a little romance and intimacy, Mali Losinj can also appeal to history lovers. It's home to its own Museum of Losinj, which houses some terrific Italian and Croatian art, as well as the Museum of Apoxyomenos, which is home to a 1st-century bronze statue that was found in the sea nearby.

    Location: Mali Losinj, Croatia

    Khadija Bilal | Contributing Writer

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