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Where to Stay in Sedona - Luxury Hotels to Creekside Cabins

Sedona is a Southwestern painting come to life, a land of red rocks cliffs, bright blue skies, and billowing clouds. Where to stay depends on what activities you want to pursue and, of course, your budget. The great news is, no matter what location you choose, almost every window will reward you with views of Sedona's impossibly colourful landscape.

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Where to Shop in Sedona - Boutiques, Art Galleries, and New Age Gift Shops

When you visit a place as magical as Sedona, it can be hard to leave. But bringing home a little piece of it can make the parting sweeter. With its vibrant art community and a strong Native American presence, Sedona has countless distinctive treasures to be found in its wide array of southwestern boutiques and galleries.

What to See and Do in Sedona - From Hot Air Balloon Rides to The Grand Canyon

Upon arriving in Sedona, you simply can’t deny the striking natural beauty that unfolds in every direction. But don’t overlook the city right in front of you. Sedona is an active, vibrant place with plenty of things for travellers to do and see - from adventurous tours to spiritual pursuits, and tranquil golf courses to buzzing casinos.

A Guide to Sedona - Home of Natural Beauty and Luxury Spas

Located 29 miles south of Flagstaff in the high desert of Arizona, Sedona is set amidst majestic red rock mountains under expansive blue skies. Known as a spiritual centre and energetic vortex, it is also a place for adventurous pursuits like hiking, rock climbing, and mountain biking, as well as self-indulgent escapes at world-class spas, golf courses, and fine restaurants.

Arts and Culture in Sedona - Galleries, Festivals, and Ancient Ruins

Sedona's natural beauty has attracted and inspired artists of all kinds throughout history. From ancient cave painters to modern-day painters, sculptors, and writers. You can find Sedona reflected back through the eyes of countless creatives - in its galleries, native ruins, and yearly festivals celebrating art, music, and film.

Where to Eat in Sedona - From Fine French to Farm to Table

Despite its rugged exterior, Sedona has a distinctive luxury side - from high-end hotels and spas to world-class fine dining. Due to the city's location, you might expect Southwestern and Mexican fare would dominate the menus. Instead, they exist side-by-side with a wide variety of international flavors and complete dining experiences. Best of all, most Sedona restaurants of note are right in town.

Travel Tips to Streamline Your Sedona Vacation

Surrounded by the stunning red rock formations of the Coconino National Forest and famed for its vibrant energy, Sedona has a long history as a gathering place for travellers and artists. While many visit to immerse themselves in nature, the city's luxury side is equally appealing. Best of all, Sedona's high desert location means warm weather year-round.

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