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Vintage Art Deco to New World Symphony - Miami Beach Arts and Culture

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As Miami Beach’s cosmopolitan profile has increased in recent years, so have its cultural offerings. You can spend your time strolling through the intriguing and provocative collections of area museums, catch an opera in a historic theatre, or take in an orchestra performance while reclining on a park lawn with a drink in hand.



With its concentration of stunningly designed art deco buildings, the streets of Miami Beach can be considered a work of art. Some establishments, like the coral-covered Bass Museum, are architectural landmarks in themselves, but step inside any of the city’s museums and you’ll uncover a multitude of masterpieces. You’ll find collections ranging from the industrial to the risqué, with institutions dedicated to the baroque, Renaissance, modern, postmodern, and contemporary periods.


The Wolfsonian-Florida International University


The Wolfsonian collections, which hail largely from North America and Europe, tackle the question of the effect design has on our everyday lives. Many works in this museum deal with themes like propaganda, colonialism, and transportation.


1001 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach 33139Tel: +1 305 531 1001


The Wolfsonian-Florida International University website


World Erotic Art Museum


This museum houses more than 4,000 pieces spanning multiple centuries and cultures. Featuring artists like Helmut Newton and Picasso, the works centre on sexual themes inspired by the Bible, surrealism, and pinup art.


1205 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach 33139. Tel: +1 305 532 9336


World Erotic Art Museum website

Classical music


Miami Beach is a hotbed of classical music action that unfolds in intimate and architecturally striking theatres. South Beach's New World Symphony at the iconic New World centre stages works for full orchestras, smaller ensembles, and solo pieces. The nearby Colony Theatre regularly mounts instrumental and operatic productions, as well as the occasional dance performance.


New World Symphony


The Frank Gehry-designed New World centre is home to the New World Symphony. You can see a weekend show in the intimate performance hall or sit outside and catch it for free as it’s projected on a 7,000-square-foot outer wall.


500 17th Street, Miami Beach 33139. Tel: +1 305 673 3331


New World Symphony website


Colony Theatre


This cozy art deco venue was originally used as a movie theatre and now acts as the headquarters for the Miami Lyric Opera, as well as a venue for touring vocal and dance companies.


1040 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach 33139. Tel: +1 305 434 7091


Colony Theatre website




Miami Beach is an animated city and nowhere is that more evident than on its dance stages. The Miami City Ballet’s largely traditional repertoire and the inventive Miami Contemporary Dance Company both serve the community with continually evolving programs and performance schedules. Though classic ballet and modern dance are the most prevalent performances, keep an eye open for Broadway-inspired shows and passionate pieces by tango professionals.


Miami City Ballet


The company offers a repertoire that includes the classic choreography of George Balanchine, as well as more modern pieces by Twyla Tharp and Justin Peck.


2200 Liberty Avenue, Miami Beach 33139. Tel: +1 305 929 7010


Miami City Ballet website


Miami Contemporary Dance Company


This multicultural company focuses on performances that deal with political and social issues. You can expect emotionally charged modern dance pieces as well as tango.


5101 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach 33140. Tel: +1 305 865 6232


Miami Contemporary Dance Company website