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Crab Feasts and Summer Treats - Ocean City Cuisine

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You might want to put your diet on hold when you vacation in Ocean City. The temptations start at breakfast with hot doughnuts at the Fractured Prune, and continue all day long, as beach vendors and boardwalk stalls serve up summer treats from saucy barbecue ribs to sweet corn on the cob. If you can resist the delicious smells and sizzles on every corner, you'll find healthy options too.

Typical dishes


All along the shore you'll see t-shirts proclaiming "Maryland is for crabs". And you'll taste the evidence for yourself when piles of steaming blue crabs are dumped on the table for an all-you-can-eat feast.



The Ocean City boardwalk serves up nostalgic nibbles all the way down the waterfront. Thrasher’s has been selling french fries here since 1929. The original recipe remains a secret, but the fresh-cut Idaho potatoes are cooked to order in peanut oil, generously salted, and doused with vinegar - ketchup is not the custom here. Many O.C. regulars can’t imagine a day at the beach without a soft-shell crab sandwich from Dayton’s Boardwalk Famous. And if you're full after sharing a tub of Fisher’s caramel popcorn, you can take home salt water taffy and fudge from Candy Kitchen to eat later.


  • Thrasher's, 2nd Street and Boardwalk, Ocean City, Maryland 21842; Tel: +1 410 289 7232; Website: Thrasher's

  • Fisher's Popcorn, 200 South Boardwalk, Ocean City, Maryland 21842; Tel: +1 410 289 5638; Website: Fisher's Popcorn


Coastal Highway


Along the 10-mile stretch of Coastal Highway, you'll pass dozens of local seafood restaurants, Italian and Jewish delis, and classic American diners. You could easily eat out for every meal, or pick up some fresh produce at one the local specialty food stores to cook for yourself. Most restaurants provide plenty of onsite parking and also offer their full menus for takeout.


  • Crab Bag, 13005 Coastal HIghway, Ocean City, Maryland 21842; Tel: +1 410 250 3337; Website: Crab Bag

  • Rosenfeld's Jewish Delicatessen, 6301 Coastal Highway, Ocean City, Maryland 21842; Tel: +1 410 520 0283; Website: Rosenfeld's Jewish Delicatessen




Sunset dinners in the bayside part of town let you draw a line under a long hot day on the beach, and ease into a night on the town. Turn down almost any street, and you'll find a restaurant terrace making the most of a west-facing view. You can go upmarket for some romantic fine dining, or pull up a bar stool for a casual meal with a Happy Hour cocktail. Restaurant staff in Ocean City are used to serving large parties, so you won't have trouble finding a table for the whole family or a group of new friends.


  • Macky's Bayside Bar & Grill, 54th Street on the Bay, Ocean City, Maryland 21842; Tel: +1 410 723 5565; Website: Macky's Bayside Bar & Grill

  • The Bayside Skillet, 77th Street and the Bay, Ocean City, Maryland 21842; Tel: +1 410 524 7950; Website: The Bayside Skillet


West O.C.


Many locals work in restaurants on the boardwalk and Coastal Highway, but they tend to dine in restaurants in West O.C. With a short hop across the Route 50 you can discover some of those residents' favorite spots. From seafood to steaks to creative bar snacks, the west-side culinary scene is no less diverse than the centre of town, but generally a little less crowded.


  • The Shark on the Harbor Restaurant, 12924 Sunset Avenue, West Ocean City, Maryland 21842; Tel: +1 410 213 0924; Website: The Shark on the Harbor Restaurant

  • Captain's Galley II, 12817 Harbor Road, West Ocean City, Maryland 21842; Tel: +1 410 213 2525; Website: Captain's Galley II