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Nightlife & Entertainment in Montreal

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Drink, laugh and dance, as you discover some of Canada's best nightlife on the glowing streets of Montreal. You can chuckle through the start of your evening at one of this comedy capital’s bars, before ending it in a thumping dance club or a cozy drinking hole where rows of unique craft beers all beg to be sampled.


Craft beer bars


Craft ale connoisseurs will love Montreal’s collection of micro-breweries, where there’s always a malty new flavor to try. Nothing will warm you up quite as well as the foamy beers that are constantly being pumped out across the city - especially when the cold winter sets in.


Dieu du Ciel


Beer boffins won’t find anywhere better than Dieu du Ciel to drink, and even the biggest craft ale experts will learn a thing or two from the knowledgeable staff. Smaller glasses let you work your way through the overflowing collection of locally brewed beer, fermented with everything from rich coffee beans to dark pepper and aromatic cocoa.


West Laurier Ave, Montreal H2T 2N2. Tel:+1 514 490 9555


Dieu du Ciel website
Jazz bars


Jazz is a serious business in Montreal, and the city grooves to its own offbeat rhythm all year round. Le Piano Rouge and the House of Jazz are always brimming with improvisation and harmonies, but there’s also the topsy-turvy world of music that’s waiting... Upstairs.




If you’ve missed the jazz festival, but don’t want to miss out on a little of Montreal's groove, then Upstairs will turn your world upside down. Just like the jazz itself, this bar doesn’t have any rules except for one - silence during the music. This respect for the genre, coupled with a crystal-clear sound-system, makes it an unbeatable bar for jazz purists – or for anyone who wants to dip their ear into Montreal’s diverse musical scene.


1254 Rue MacKay, Montreal H3G 2H4. Tel:+1 514 931 6808


Upstairs website


Comedy clubs


Why the long face? Montreal’s comedy clubs will put a smile on anyone’s lips, so get ready to laugh heartily, as the city’s funniest talent takes to the stage.


The Comedy Nest


Get your night off to a hilarious high at the Comedy Nest - a venue that’s nurtured countless new comics over the years. Everyone from Jim Carrey to Tim Allen has had the crowd in stitches here, so take a table and get ready for some quick fire routines from the latest upstarts in the business. If you like the spotlight, try your luck on-stage during the open mic nights.


2313 Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, Montreal H3H 1N2. Tel:+1 514 932 6378


The Comedy Nest website




The night’s only just beginning, so head out to one of Montreal’s bouncing clubs where you can dance and drink until the early hours of the morning.


Karina's Club Lounge


The Sir Winston Churchill Complex has a good choice of bars and restaurants, but when it's time to dust yourself off and hit the floor, you’ll want to make a bee-line for the third floor, where Karina's Club Lounge shudders with music. Drink on the sleek leather sofas before heading to the flashing dance floor and strutting your stuff.


1459 Rue Crescent, Montreal H3G 2B2. Tel:+1 514 288 3814


Karina's Club Lounge website




The majestic sound system in Stereo belts out high energy house music, whipping up a riotous atmosphere as the crowd bounces as one. Kaleidoscopic lighting and spacious chill-out areas mean Stereo has secured its spot as a Montreal nightlife institution.


Rue Sainte-Catherine Est, Montreal H2L 2E3


Stereo website