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Arts and Culture in Miami

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Miami may have a reputation as a sprawling party zone with the emphasis firmly on neon-lit hedonism, but it's also a bit of a cultural treasure trove. There's all the iconic Art Deco buildings in Miami Beach for one thing, and there are plenty of historic attractions to explore as well.




Whether it’s chess, art or fishing, Miami has a museum for it. Look forward to the future at the science museum, or dive into Miami’s past at HistoryMiami, which exhibits everything from the city’s former trolley cars to drum kits left behind by the Beatles.


Vizcaya Museum & Gardens


Decorated with gushing fountains, and the waxy petals of orchids, Vizcaya Museum & Gardens is Miami’s answer to the Palace of Versailles. Beautifully landscaped gardens, with a European flavor to them, surround this mansion, which was donated to the people of Miami by James Deering’s family. Inside is just as colorful with its collection of ornate Italian furniture, but you’ll want to visit during an evening concert to experience the true magic of this museum. Sit back, as a singer’s voice echoes harmoniously around the softly-lit, flower-tangled courtyard.


3251 S Miami Avenue, Miami FL 33129. Tel:+1 305 250 9133


Vizcaya Museum & Gardens website
Art exhibits


Miami is all about beauty - beautiful beaches, beautiful people, and beautiful weather. The art here is also designed to woo the eye, but the varied exhibits invite you to look beyond your comfort zone, and enjoy challenging pieces and ideas, displayed in innovative spaces.


Perez Art Museum Miami


Surrounded by waving palm trees, and offering views of the rippling blue water outside, this modern Herzog and de Meuron designed building is quintessential Miami. The airy building houses boundary-smashing contemporary art, and the spacious design gives every piece room to breathe. Let the museum’s bizarre sculptures and abstract video art assault your senses, before enjoying a relaxing cocktail or meal in the chilled bar and restaurant, which overlooks the harbor outside.


1103 Biscayne Blvd, Miami FL 33132. Tel:+1 305 375 3000


Perez Art Museum Miami website


Wynwood Walls


Engage in a passionate debate over the value of graffiti as art at this modern, outdoor exhibit. Blocks of color, provocative political images, and satirical jabs at everything from the government to the media have been carefully daubed onto these walls, transforming rundown relics into ever-changing canvases. Wander between the illuminated exhibits, on what the organizers call a "street art safari", to appreciate the creativity and beauty of these artworks in a whole new light.


2520 NW 2nd Avenue, Miami FL 33127. Tel:+1 305 531 4411


Wynwood Walls website




Miami may be more beach boardwalk than Broadway, but that doesn’t mean the city doesn’t have its fair share of elegant theaters, waiting to take you to another world. Grab a meal beforehand and let the show begin.


Olympia Theater at Gusman Center


You’ll wonder whether you’ve come to the wrong place as you arrive outside this theater’s rather tired outer facade. Take your seat, however, and your doubts will quickly evaporate, as the stunning interior reveals itself, and you sit below a roof that glitters with stars. Moorish arches and sculpted dragon heads decorate the balconies of this stunning theater, while fantastic acoustics add to the fully immerse experience.


174 E. Flagler Street, Miami FL 33131. Tel:+1 305 374 2444


Olympia Theater at Gusman Center website


Sports venues


Hear the thud of ball on bat, the clatter of tackler on catcher, or the bounce of ball on court, as you take in some great American sport in one of Miami’s first-class venues. Cheer on the Miami Marlins at Marlins Park, or be part of a whirlwind of excitement as the Miami Hurricanes score another touchdown at the colossal Sun Life Stadium. There's also this sporting mecca to visit.


American Airlines Arena


You'll bounce with excitement as you arrive at the American Airlines Arena, ready to watch the Miami Heat put on a scorching display on the basketball court. The atmosphere crackles when almost 20,000 people are packed into its steep terraces, and you’ll get the chance to see some of the NBA’s top stars lighting up the court, and rattling in unlikely 3-pointers. The arena also draws some of the world’s top singers and performers, who never fail to get the crowd buzzing.


601 Biscayne Boulevard , Miami FL 33132. Tel:+1 786 777 1000


American Airlines Arena website