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What to See and Do in Mahabaleshwar – a guide to the top attractions

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A popular destination with walkers, adventurers, honeymooners, and fruit lovers – basically anyone with a penchant for the best of the outdoors – the hill station of Mahabaleshwar affords easy access to a magical landscape just begging to be explored. Peppered with a spectacular array of vantage points, the area ensures that any travellers chasing a glorious sunrise or sunset will be thoroughly spoilt for choice.
Chinaman’s Waterfall



Covered by a winding mesh of branches beneath a leafy canopy, the Tiger Path in Mahabaleshwar tunnels through the region’s evergreen forest to a mind-blowing abundance of views. It’s a route that can be followed to the scintillating Chinaman’s Waterfall – a stunning spectacle that takes its name from the Chinese prisoners who once cultivated the adjacent fields. It’s possible to continue the trail to the gorgeous Tapola, also known as mini Kashmir.


Arthur’s Seat



A thick mist hanging over the view at various times of the year does nothing to lessen the splendour of this marvellous spot. Arthur’s Seat has been described as the queen of Mahabaleshwar’s numerous viewpoints. Named after a British officer Arthur Malet who built his house with a vantage over the Savitri and Jor valleys, it provides a perfect illustration of the diversity of the area’s geography – with the dry and barren Savitri in stark contrast to the rich and flourishing landscape of the Jor.


Mapro Garden



Mahabaleshwar is known as one of India’s best berry-growing districts, producing sweet, full-blooded strawberries ripe for filling your face with. About a 15-mintue drive away from Mahabaleshwar is Mapro Garden, a park and production centre where fruit is the name of the game. You can test out various jams, milkshakes, crushes, and juices of all kinds. Not to mention jellies and ice creams and the berries in their most basic form. There’s also a good on-site café, making the most of the produce on hand, and a chocolate factory – just in case there's any room left in your tummy for more treats.


Wilson Point



If you fancy getting up early to take in something truly special, Wilson Point is just the ticket. It’s the closest major viewpoint to the centre of Mahabaleshwar and boasts the status of being the highest local peak, standing just shy of 1,500 metres. Named after Sir Leslie Wilson, a soldier and conservative politician who was governor of both Bombay and Queensland during his lifetime, the site is reputed to be the only one in the area to offer a spectacular view of both sunrise and sunset.