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Where to stay in Croatia – from budget to luxury and everything in-between

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History and culture, although a very significant part of this ancient and remarkable country, are definitely not all it has to offer. Chic city hostels now accommodate to a younger, trendier crowd who no longer associate hostels with sanitized dorm rooms but modern interiors coupled with an array of organized events.

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If living in the lap of luxury is more your thing, there are plenty of five star options. Private villas with pools are also growing in popularity with visitors who want comfort and privacy with amenities for families or groups.




Home to a plethora of cultural and historical sites Zagreb is rich in sights and attractions. Wander the streets and soak up the medieval architecture or dip into the numerous buildings that scatter the skyline. Zagreb Cathedral and The Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus shouldn’t be missed. With a thriving restaurant and bar scene, when the sun goes down there are plenty of places to sit and reflect on your day.


Hotels in Zagreb


As Croatia’s capital it’s no surprise that there is an abundance of accommodation options ranging from five-star hotels to chic city hostels. Some hostels even organise evening events for those keen to socialise. If you prefer more privacy, Zagreb has a number of apartments and villas to choose from giving families or groups the freedom to cater for themselves.




This picturesque city is another cultural hotspot in Croatia’s crown. Wander the boardwalk of the old city and reflect on the views fringed by palm trees and the old city skyline. The Cathedral of Saint Duje is a focal point, while those who don’t mind putting in the effort will be rewarded when reaching the top of the hill of Marijan. The coastal location means seafood is a speciality here and no visit would be complete without a meal of fresh fish overlooking the harbour.


Hotels in Split


Once geared towards the higher end of the hotel market, Split is now a healthy mix of luxury hotels and affordable hostels. From three star cheap and cheerful beds for the night to your five star chain hotels there isn’t a shortage of choice.




Beautifully located on the Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik treats visitors to sunny skies, blue waters and a stunning mountain backdrop. The city walls, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, stretch protectively around the city and guard the fortresses and towers within. Numerous historical and cultural delights can be found in the city itself, however, venture further afield and you’ll discover picturesque villages and the allure of the coast.


Hotels in Dubrovnik


Dubrovnik is a popular tourist hotspot and as such it’s the most expensive place to stay in Croatia. The Old Town is certainly the place for those with the biggest budgets (and the best leg muscles), while further out from the center you’ll find things more affordable. Lapad has a good range of affordable options and four kilometers away, it’s also quieter than the city center.


The islands of Croatia


Croatia’s archipelago of over 1,200 islands makes island hopping a popular holiday option. Whether you decide to charter a yacht, join a flotilla or simply head over to an island and stay there, you’re spoilt for choice. Krk is the country’s most populated island and one of the most accessible while Pag is popular on the party circuit. Hvar is Croatia’s sunniest spot and well known for its wine and olives while Korcula is home to luxury hotels and its celebrity sightings.


Hotels on Croatia’s Islands


Accommodation options on Croatia’s islands very much depends on where you go. While some, like Krk are easily accessible and have a good infrastructure with hotels, villas and private accommodation to choose from, others are un-developed and only suitable for day-trippers. Sailing holidays are an alternative to land-based stays, and enable you to visit during the day and moor up at different marinas in the evening.