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Manila Shopping Guide - Find where and what to shop and buy

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Shopping lovers will truly enjoy the amazing selection of shops, malls and markets in Manila. The city is one of the best shopping destinations in Asia for inexpensive goods.

The large shopping malls of Manila have countless name brand shops, often with better prices than those in other countries around the world. Ortigas Center in the east of Manila is the best place to go, with several malls and thousands of specialty shops all located closely together.

For inexpensive souvenirs, cheap clothing and home wares, Manila has countless markets available. The central market in Santa Cruz is one of the best and is geared towards foreign tourists.

Greenbelt Shopping Mall

Situated in Makati and part of the large Ayala shopping group, Greenbelt Shopping Mall is a large sprawling indoor shopping complex that has a host of brand name shops selling the latest fashions, electronics and home wares. Shopaholics will be in paradise, with an endless selection of consumer goods.

Balikbayan Handicrafts Center

Balikbayan Handicrafts Center is a large warehouse type store that has an array of handicrafts and home wares such as woodcarvings, pottery and metal ware. The shop attracts large numbers of tourist each day looking for Filipino souvenirs and great bargains.

Central Market

Located in the Santa Cruz district, Central Market is a large outdoor market that has some of the best clothing bargains found in Manila. Shoppers will also find inexpensive souvenirs, home wares and handicrafts here. The market is lively and exciting and can take a few hours to walk through.

San Andres Market

This exciting local market is open 24 hours and primarily has fresh produce for sale. The market is an exciting place to visit to see Filipino culture. There are also clothes for sale, which are simple and cheap.

Ortigas Center

Positioned in the east of Manila, Ortigas Center is one of the busiest commercial and business hubs of Manila. There are four large shopping malls as well as countless specialty shops and outdoor markets available here. For a one-stop shopping destination in Manila, Ortigas Center is the place to go.

Manila shopping tips

Manila is a shopping mecca with an unparalleled selection of markets, shops and malls. There are sales held throughout the year with the main time being after Christmas. When shopping in the markets, make sure to bargain for a good price, which also adds to the shopping experience. The large shopping centers offer name brand apparel, often for better prices than found in Western countries.

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