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Dublin Accommodation deals are plenty and in various forms, allowing all travelers here to find a place that suits their preferences and budget. The attractions here are pretty famous, with an even more famous nightlife to boot.

The top attractions in Dublin are numerous and include historical buildings for history buffs, enriching museums for curious minds and beautiful parks for seekers of natural beauty. There are also arenas and stadiums to soak in the sporting culture here, which includes sports like soccer and rugby.

Things to see

The Christ Church Cathedral is one of those attractions that make history a lot less boring, especially since it’s a structure that dates back to the 11th century. The really interesting bit though, is the crypt within which pre-dates the cathedral, and boasts ornately carved sculptures. History buffs and anyone with a curious mind should not pass up on this.

Catch a Gaelic football game at the Croke Park Stadium, and view a sport that’s truly Irish in nature. Best described as a combination of football and rugby, Gaelic football is a sport that is well-supported by the locals and tours of the GAA museum are also available. You can also try your hand in the game and see how interesting it can get.

Hotels in Dublin

There are several budget options available, many of which include camping sites, hostels and B&Bs. Dublin hotels can range from budget to mid-range to luxurious, providing options for all kinds of visitors. The city center is easy to get around in on foot, so visitors won’t have to worry about transport there. Finding a decent accommodation deal isn’t difficult, and is made even easier on our site!

Where to stay

The north side is where you can find some of the most scenic and cultural spots in the city, giving culture seekers a really sweet treat. Famous places here include the National Botanic Gardens, Howth Castle, Dublin Zoo, the O2 and Old Jameson Whiskey Distillery. Transportation here is mainly by bus though getting a taxi is probably the fastest option.

The south side of Dublin is more fashionable and contains the majority of popular sights and attractions. These include famous pubs, restaurants, cafes and shopping spots for both visitors and locals like. The accommodation scene here is more than decent, with luxurious hotels easily available upon demand.

How to get to Dublin

Dublin airport, the main gateway into the city is just 10 km north of the city centre. Visitors can get into the city by bus, and depending on traffic, journeys can be as short as 25 minutes to over an hour. Those coming in by train can alight either at Heuston on the west side, or Connolly, in the north-east centre of the city.

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