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Edinburgh Hotels

Here, vacationers witness a unique blend of modern architecture rubbing shoulders with ancient, historical structures. When seeking Edinburgh for accommodation, find accessible locations like Waverly Station. Edinburgh hotels around the area promise excellent accommodation coupled with great amenities, depending on your budget.

The unique cross-over between medieval and modern grants visitors access to sights like ancient relics, gothic churches, museums, galleries and magnificent architecture found in buildings and structures of old and past. The modern touch brings exciting nightlife to Scotland, as well as great restaurants and a series of festivals throughout the year.

Things to see

Enthusiasts of living history will enjoy sights of Edinburgh Castle, a majestic royal fortress located on one of the highest points in the city. The castle has been in operation for over 1,000 years, and is still in an amazing state. There is also the Craigmiller Castle, which are mainly ruins but a great photo opportunity nevertheless.

Individuals who love finding out about a city’s history and culture should visit one of the many museums and galleries in Edinburgh. The Museum of Scotland and Royal Museum should not be missed, as they actually blend innovative modern architecture with highlights of Scotland’s heritage. Exhibits here include Scottish pottery and weapons from the Roman era and the Renaissance.

Hotels in Edinburgh

Browse Edinburgh accommodations on our site and you’ll see why it’s been a tourist hotspot for hundreds of years. It is no wonder that the accommodation scene is so developed. Hotels near Waverly station and other central locations are available with reasonable and mid-range rates, as well as more premium prices for visitors that prioritize decadence over budget. Aside from hotels, options include cheap hostels, guest houses, small hotels and holiday apartments.

Where to stay

Old Town is the historic core of Edinburgh and an ideal place for history buffs among travelers. Places here are well connected via bus and expensive taxis, but some attractions are within walking distance so getting around won’t be a major issue. Attractions here include Abbey and Palace of Holyroodhouse, St Giles Cathedral, Mary King’s Close and many, many more.

New Town is more than an extension to Old Town, and has become Edinburgh’s main shopping district. Aside from being the place for shoppers to visit, visitors can find attractions such as the Scott Monument, the Scottish National Portrait Gallery and the Georgian House. There are also plenty of choices here when it comes to eating, and they cater to all budgets, ensuring that every visitor gets to taste Scottish food without burning holes in their pockets.

How to get to Edinburgh

Edinburgh International Airport is the main gateway into Edinburgh, and situated just 10 miles west of the city. Visitors can take a dedicated bus service from airport to town, spending an average of 25 minutes per trip. Those coming in by train will be alighting at Waverly Railway Station, which is in fact an attraction by itself. If you’re driving, then the M8 motorway, M9, A90/M90, A1 and A702/ M74 are major entryways you can use to reach Edinburgh.

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