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One of the cities known for its historical sites and attractions, the German capital is visited for its lively nightlife, several eateries, clubs and numerous museums, palaces and many other sites of historic significance. Browsing Berlin for accommodation won’t be too difficult seeing as how developed the city has become. Visitors here can expect a memorable trip, with pictures of several unique locations and even the varied architecture found all over the place.

Things to see

Culture enthusiasts will love the wide collection of museums here, each with their own unique set of exhibits. There’s even the Museumsinsel, which translates into Museum Island, which houses the Pergamon-Museum, Altes Museum, Alte Nationalgalerie and many more. The Pergamon-Museum itself is a wonder to behold, with amazing exhibits from ancient Greece, the Middle-East and Islamic art and architecture.

Berlin is not a place concentrated with high-rise buildings, which means that if you find one, the view will be spectacular! One of the more famous observation places is the TV Tower near Alexanderplatz, which is also the tallest tower in Germany. There is a rotating restaurant in it and if you get fog-less weather, then the view of the surrounding cityscape is breathtaking.

Hotels in Berlin

There is a massive number of accommodations in Berlin, with even the 5-star establishments offering less than expensive prices. As you browse our site, you’ll find that budget and simpler hotels all “huddle” together in various spots, with internationally recognized brands found in accessible areas. If you want to avoid long walks, try to get hotels that are near public transport stations.

Where to stay

History buffs and seekers of ancient architecture will probably be drawn to Mitte, the historical district of Berlin. It’s an emerging city center that provides visitors with access to cafes, restaurants, museums, galleries and clubs. These attractions are available in abundance, making Mitte a place that’s pretty happening for a historical center.

The City West district holds one of the main shopping areas for those seeking retail therapy, and a great series of restaurants, hotels and cafes that provide excellent resting spots while exploring the city. The shopping here is excellent for luxury goods, and visitors will find major attractions like the Charlottenburg Palace, Kulturforum and the Olympic Stadium awaiting your curious eyes.

How to get to Berlin

The main airport for the city is Tegel International Airport, which serves several carriers and located about a 45 minutes bus ride from the city center. If you’re coming in by bus, note that Berlin is connected to about 350 destinations in Europe, with most long-distance buses terminating at Zentraler Omnibusbahnhof.

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