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A city rich in culture and history, Montreal provides visitors with a great place for their vacation. Browse Montreal for accommodation options and you’ll find it to be diverse and massive, allowing even the most penny-pinching of us to find the ideal lodging.

There is an abundance of charming attractions that vacationers will love to visit, including historical buildings, huge museums, scenic residential streets, hip shopping districts and brilliant dining spots. Visitors here will find something for everyone, including families with fussy kids!

Things to see

Take a stroll along Old Montreal and you’ll find the majority of historical buildings and museums. Exhibits you can find here include church artifacts, archaeological remains, various reconstructions and of course, an IMAX theatre at the Montreal Science Centre. There’s even a museum that focuses on how banks have developed over the years in Montreal.

Montreal’s Chinatown is worthy of a day’s exploration by itself. It’s the third largest in Canada and contains several shops and restaurants that serve exotic and authentic Chinese cuisine. Another attraction to check out is The Underground City, found throughout the downtown area. This is a network of underground malls and passageways that provide convenient ways of getting around during the cold, winter months.

Hotels in Montreal

Accommodation in Montreal come in many shapes and sizes, providing options for even the most penny-pinching of travelers. There are budget hotels and B&Bs in the cheaper range and major hotel chains for both mid-range and luxury hotels. You can rest assured that comfortable beds and lodging are provided even by the most budget options, and that most hotels are well-equipped for a restful stay. Getting around is easier by foot, especially in the more dense areas like downtown and Old Montreal.

Where to stay

Downtown Montreal is your place is it’s a blend of skyscrapers, shopping and museums that you’re looking for. Attractions here include McGill university grounds, Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and many more. Getting around is easy by foot, with plenty of accommodation choices for the visitors on all kinds of budget.

Many visitors come to visit Old Montreal, to soak in the past while observing the future steadily working into the surroundings and creating a beautiful district to explore. The old cobblestone streets, old architecture and grand French restaurants make the place seem like a history book coming to life. You’ll also find a few warehouses that have been converted into boutique shops and apartments, keeping the charming exterior while refurbishing the interiors.

How to get to Montreal

Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport is the main airport, serving several major carriers and domestic flights as well. There are many trans-Atlantic flights connecting Montreal to London, Amsterdam, Paris, Geneva, Zurich, Athens and several more. Getting into town from the airport is usually fastest by taxi. If you’re driving, Montreal is well connected by major highways to places like Toronto, Ottawa and Quebec. Montreal Central Station is where you’ll alight if you’re coming in by train.

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