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Browsing for Toronto accommodation will be a breeze, given how huge and developed this city is. Toronto is a city of ethnic diversity, with over 80 ethnic communities taking comfortable refuge in this culture-rich location.

Toronto is not the culture focus of the country without good reason. There are several choices when it comes to museums and galleries exhibiting the nation’s history and culture. Toronto also has a healthy love for the sport of football, and have well structured stadiums as part of the tourist attractions. The diversity of neighbourhoods and natural beauty of the city allows even simple walks to turn into inspiring tours.

Things to see

The Art Gallery of Ontario is the largest art gallery in Canada, and houses several Canadian paintings and the world’s largest collection of Henry Moore sculptures. There are brilliant European painting exhibits, and some of the more expensive paintings in the world. A huge attraction for art lovers all around.

If you’re looking to enjoy scenic views and peaceful walks along the beach, then Toronto coastline is something you’ll like. The south shore is usually quiet, providing the perfect opportunity for quiet walks along the beach. The surrounding islands are covered by parklands and a small amusement park, creating a peaceful atmosphere for visitors who need a little breather from the city area.

Hotels in Toronto

In Toronto, the hotels provide excellent accommodation at prices that suit any budget. There are budget, mid-range and luxury hotels by internationally recognized brands for those seeking a lot more than just comfort. Other options include hostels, B&Bs and homestays for travelers planning to stay for months at a time. The choices listed number by the hundreds, making hotel hunting a lot easier than most people would expect.

Where to stay

Central Toronto provides visitors with a buffet of choices when it comes to attractions and sightseeing. There is the bustling St. Lawrence Market that is a sight to behold any time of the day, several shopping districts for shopaholics and a large nightlife scene that any partygoer would appreciate. The accommodation options here are plenty, and more importantly, near major attractions.

East Toronto is an area where you can find one of the oldest neighbourhoods, along with the wealthiest communities in the city. Visitors who want to dive deeper into the area’s culture can explore districts like Leslieville, where one can find quaint shops, antiques and some of the city’s best-value restaurants. Strolling along the streets is a popular past time of the locals here.

How to get to Toronto

Toronto Pearson International Airport services major international carriers and is the primary gateway for visitors flying in by plane. There are several bus services that connect the airport to the city area, providing trips that take an average of 30 minutes. The main bus terminal is served by carriers like Greyhound, Coach Canada, New York Trailways and Ontario Northland. Those coming in by train will be alighting at Union Station, which is also considered one of the greatest train stations in North America.

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